“Jill Thayer, Ph.D. is an artist, educator, curatorial archivist, writer, designer, and art historian who lives in a state of perpetual motion. Her vibrant personality and passion for life are reflected through the high-energy palette that infuses light into her art,” notes Gallerist Marti Fast, Ann Foxworthy Gallery Director at Allan Hancock College. In Context: Transdisciplinary Works and Other Musings, (Sept. 2016) at the college gallery presented a confluence of the artist’s passion, inspiration, and journey. “Jill is all about the conversation between artwork and viewer, student and teacher, reader and writer, and one person to another. She connects ideas and expression together in new ways that inspire those around her.

For Thayer, theory and practice inform her life and art in a constant conversation between medium and message. Fluent in a broad range of art-making media, the artist expresses ideas and energy through painting, photography, digital media, installation, and graphic design. Additionally, her fluency as a prolific author allows the conversation another voice through contributions to art publications including ARTPULSE, ARTDISTRICTS, and AESTHETICA Magazines. http://www.jillthayer.wordpress.com.

Her digital media work was part of Photo-A-GoGo, a group show curated by D. Dominick Lombardi at SRO Gallery in Brooklyn, New York (Oct. 19 – Nov. 18, 2018. Lombardi notes, “Jill Thayer’s two-dimensional work creates a medley of movements that begin with the photographed details of her installations. Adjustments are made in a variety of ways with digital media programs where colors are enhanced, forms are stretched and comparisons are made.”