Voice of Paso

Jill was invited by Paso Robles Mayor Steven W. Martin to develop and produce a weekly podcast series, “The Art of Life” for the city’s Internet radio station, Voice of Paso. In the program, she shares her thoughts on art, culture, and life on the Central Coast including a look at regional artists, exhibitions, professional practice, and topics that affect our quality of life. The format includes published writings, interviews, and experiences out and about.

“The Art of Life,” on Voice of Paso airs Fridays about :15 past the hour from 6am – 9am. Go to: voiceofpaso.com then click “Listen to VOP,” or visit: TuneIn.com, search for “Voice of Paso,” and click the VOP logo.

Listen to the archive programs below:

Promo – The Art of Life with Dr. Jill Thayer


Podcast 1 – Artist Emergence in Contemporary Culture
Podcast 2 – Artists on Success
Podcast 3 – Confidence or Consequence
Podcast 4 – Artist Emergence an The Art Market
Podcast 5 – A Conversation with Grace Pucci, Paso Robles Historical Society Promo

Podcast 6 – The Artist and Influences on Career

Podcast 7 – A Conversation with Bruce Everett Promo

Podcast 8 – A Conversation with Max Martinelli of Spearhead Coffee and Roasting Co.

Podcast 9 – Constructs of Emergence