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Jill was invited by Paso Robles Mayor Steven W. Martin to develop and produce a weekly podcast series, “The Art of Life” on Voice of Paso Internet radio. In the program, she shares her thoughts on art, culture, and life on the Central Coast including a look at emerging and mid-career artists, exhibitions, professional practice, and topics that affect our quality of life. The format includes published writings, interviews, and experiences out and about. “The Art of Life with Dr. Jill Thayer,” airs Monday – Friday (6:15am, 7:15am, 8:15am, and 9:15am). Visit: voiceofpaso.com then click VOP California Jazz. Or listen to the audio links below. Enjoy!

Promo – The Art of Life with Dr. Jill Thayer




Podcast 37 – A Conversation with Tracy Paz, Templeton, CA


Podcast 36 – A Conversation with Dalton Jamieson, San Luis Obispo, CA


Podcast 35 – A Conversation with Jim Tyler in San Luis Obispo, CA


Podcast 34 – A Conversation with Jason Mayr in Atascadero, CA


Podcast 33 – A Conversation with Laure Carisle in Paso Robles, CA


Podcast 32 – Joeli Yaguda, Co-Owner General Store, Paso Robles, CA


Podcast 31 – More on Creative Expression and Finding Inspiration


Podcast 30 – Creative Expression and Finding Inspiration


Podcast 29 – The Art of Hearst Castle, San Simeon, CA

For a full transcript of: “The Art of Hearst Castle,” visit: https://wordpress.com/post/jillthayer.wordpress.com/3918


Podcast 28 – FestivalMozaic with Jeri Corgill, Interim Executive Director; and Lloyd Tanner, Executive Director, San Luis Obispo, CA


Podcast 27 – A Conversation with Emily Miller of Firefly Gallery, Paso Roles, CA


Podcast 26 – A Conversation with Steve Preston of Relics Mall, Paso Roles, CA


Podcast 25 – A Conversation with Heidi Petersen in Atascadero, CA


Podcast 24 – A Conversation with Nicki Sucec in San Luis Obispo, CA


Podcast 23 – A Conversation with Christine Cortese in San Luis Obispo, CA


Podcast 22 – A Conversation with Guy Kinnear, MFA


Podcast 21 – A Conversation with Denise Schryver in Atascadero, CA


Podcast 20 – ACT Children’s Theater, Vikki Mullin, Director, Paso Robles, CA


Podcast 19 – Savannah Creech, Songwriter, Singer, Atascadero, CA


Podcast 18 – Jean Higgins, Owner of Di Raimondos Cheese Shop, Paso Robles, CA


Podcast 17 – Cynthia Anthony, Founder/Exec. Director of Wine Country Theatre, Paso Robles, CA


Podcast 16 – A Conversation with Bobbie Nunez, Artist and Owner of The Artery, Atascadero, CA


Podcast 15 – A Conversation with Jeff Claassen of Viva Paso, Paso Robles, CA


Podcast 14 – A Conversation with Julie Dunn and Peggy Turk, Owners and Artists of Park Street Gallery, Paso Robles, CA


Podcast 13 – A Conversation with Kitty Arosteguy, Owner The Central Coast Spa, Paso Robles, CA


Podcast 12 – A Conversation with Mike and Zoe Zappas – Atascadero Women’s Equality Day Mural Project Promo


Podcast 11 – A Conversation with Art Historian Nancy Moure Promo



Podcast 10 – Artists and the Influence of Digital Media


Podcast 9 – A Conversation with Dr. Ruta Saliklis, Curator of SLOMA Promo


Podcast 8 – Constructs of Emergence


Podcast 7 – A Conversation with Bruce Everett Promo


Podcast 6 – The Artist and Influences on Career


Podcast 5 – A Conversation with Grace Pucci, Paso Robles Historical Society Promo


Podcast 4 – Artist Emergence and The Art Market


Podcast 3 – Confidence or Consequence


Podcast 2 – Artists on Success


Podcast 1 – Artist Emergence in Contemporary Culture